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Going on right now.

Hotter n Hell Hundred/ Triple Threat

Competed and Completed the Triple threat!

Relay For Life

June 2nd

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Midwestern Sate Univ (High School Race)

04/14/2012 21:07
  Saturday April 14, 2012 All Day  Wichita Falls, Tx  (map)   Race Flyer  This I will be racin in. Wichita Falls,Tx    


03/31/2012 21:06
  Saturday March 31, 2012 All Day,-98.512473&spn=0.017806,0.031114&z=15&source=embed  (map)   THOR is...

Univ of Texas at Austin & Texas State (High School Race)

03/24/2012 21:04
Saturday March 24, 2012 All Day  Austin,Tx  (map) Race Flyer Austin & San Marcos  
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